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Landi Maduro

Director | Writer | Executive Producer

Landi Maduro is no stranger to making her own path. She has worked professionally as a singer and actress for the past ten years. However, unhappy with the lack of roles available to African American women, she decided to go a different route and explore writing and producing. 

She is currently working on several project including "Faces" an adaptation of "Faces I Have Seen" (pre-production) her second screenplay, "Cheaply Captured", a reality show (co-producer/director) and "The 

Audition" a reality show (producer).

Ricco Ross

Actor | Writer | Producer

Ricco Ross is a multi-hyphenate; father, actor, writer and producer. Ricco received a MFA from UCLA. As an actor, his first year out of college he booked reoccurring roles on Hill St. Blues and The Young & the Restless. Soon afterwards, feeling type-cast as the young angry Black man, he decided to study Shakespeare for a year in England at the London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA). That year turned into 13 living abroad. 

Leslie M Greene

Marketing Strategist | Associate Producer | Web Master

A passionate, creative & strategic marketer, with entrepreneurial and client experience in transforming a business’ approach to strategic and brand marketing by incorporating the adoption of social media and technology. Leslie has carved out a strong foothold in Interactive event social media engagement, which connects clients to a larger audience, builds their following, produces high incidents of reposts and retweets, and connects them to major brands.

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E. Chris Edwards

DP | Executive Producer

E. Chris Edwards started his film career as a young boy when his father gave him his first camera. His love of photography grew into cinematography. Edwards is an accomplished videographer in Christian music that has shot, directed and edited music videos, concerts and promotional commentaries for artist such as, Shirley Murdock, The Rance Allan Group, Darwin Hobbs and many others.  In addition, Chris has aurthored DVD's for such movies as "A Beautiful Soul" featuring Deitrick Haddon. He founded Edwards Media Group in 2005. Since forming his own company he has expanded into television and film.

John Christopher Bell

Executive Producer | Music | Sound Design

Drawn to both the piano and the bass, John developed his own style of chord progression and sonic structure to create music that induces emotion. It was always John’s dream to compose for film and television. The dream has been realized, and he has scored various projects for the screen, both big and small. His current projects include the music for the reality show “Cheaply Captured”, the feature documentary “The Silent Killer”, and the infomercial-docudrama “Faces I Have Seen – A Memoir Of Murder”. He composed the score for the feature film "Black Coffee", which was released in theaters January 10, 2014. 

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